Count Piaget Piaget classic eccentric flying tourbillon

In fact, for mechanical watches is a thin topic is always the ultimate pursuit of the dream of every tab master. In the highly competitive watchmaking industry, you mastered a stunt is not easy. Earl Piaget in the thin movement research and development strength, in the industry is recognized. Then Piaget count in a number of top watchmaking skills are thin as the initial planning focus, especially the so-called three classic techniques are thin win. The watch home Piaget count early to promote the thin eccentric flying tourbillon for everyone to do under the technical aspects of the introduction, in order to reveal how the brand is "thin". Tourbillon want to do thin first to determine the need to adopt eccentric structure, and flight structure is the best choice. Piaget Earl Emperador XL Dragon-shaped pattern series G0A36577 watch technical characteristics Piaget Earl Emperador XL Dragon-shaped pattern series G0A36577 watch technical characteristics Minute planetary tourbillon Planet Tourbillon gives the first impression is like the tourbillon from the shackles, strolling in the stadium. Planet Tourbillon is artificially set up the trajectory of the rolex replica uk movement, with the satellite is launched into space to set a good run track around the earth. Such tourbillon began in the works of independent watchmakers, and then several well-known brands have introduced similar watch styles. Piaget Earl is based on the eccentric type of flying tourbillon on the basis of the previous article, the innovative design of the minute hand planetary tourbillon. Piaget Earl of this planetary tourbillon and the earliest as a decorative style is different, it is set in a pointer like a pointer to the speed of the minute hand rotation, which means that the minute hand was tourbillon watch, The hour wheel uses a dial to display. This watch gives a new visual experience, is a classic representative of the planet Tourbillon (said the planet from the tourbillon is now very popular watchmakers hand). Piaget Count Polo Tourbillon Series G0A31148 Watch Planet Tourbillon concept Piaget Count Polo Tourbillon Series G0A31148 Watch Planet Tourbillon concept Planet Tourbillon is the tourbillon is placed on a rotating turnwatch or bracket, while the rotation in the wheel or bracket driven around the central axis of the watch revolves. Such complex Tourbillon watch the technical advantages of both the rotation and revolution of the tourbillon to the speed governing body of the trajectory is more complex, in theory, can better reduce the gravity caused by the location of the error, thereby enhancing the watch Of the travel time accuracy. Classification of planetary tourbillon Planetary Tourbillon basically can be divided into three categories, and these three types of criteria is the planetary body frame rotation speed: The first category, the swiss replica watches clock planetary tourbillon - the speed of its rotating bracket every 12 hours or 24 hours a week , Such as the Breguet planetary double tourbillon; the second type, the minute hand planetary tourbillon - the speed of its rotating bracket for every 60 minutes to turn a week, such as the Earl Planetary Tourbillon; third, second hand planetary tourbillon - the speed of its rotating bracket For every 60 seconds to rotate a week, such as the Cartier Tourbillon. The most obvious technical feature of the Piaget 's minute hand planetary tourbillon is that the planetary mechanism' s turret is not a disc, but is designed as a pointer. The classic thin eccentric flying tourbillon is set at the end of the minute hand, the bottom of the pointer is set with the tourbillon balance each other, this balance we can associate the "seesaw." Driven by the power of the movement, the minute needle-shaped planetary tourbillon bracket rotation, while the tourbillon by the internal speed control agencies, the whole stent to 1 hour per week rotation speed movement. While the hour dial under the stand is driven by the drive train to move at a rate of one revolution per 12 hours. Tourbillon technology after a century of rolex replica watches tradition, has undergone many changes, Piaget count it from the original timing core, evolved into the embodiment of beauty. Although the tourbillon directly determines the performance of the wristwatch, but the Piaget Piaget's ineviwatch beauty must also be fully demonstrated. Therefore, I get the conclusion that the tourbillon is almost beyond all the existing tabulation technology, as a stunner. It combines the complexity of the perfect blend of the United States and the United States. With the changing times, the evolution of science and technology, tourbillon will become a representative product of the times.