Earl to cloze enamel of the law, capture the blood of BMW blood

Delicate horse enamel painted dial inlaid single-line diamonds bezel against the background, it is particularly delicate and beautiful, and with a black crocodile leather strap and gold pin buckle clasp. Watch carrying from design, research and development to production, by the senior watchmaker Piaget single - handedly built 430P ultra - thin manual winding mechanical movement. The thickness of only 2.1 mm of the movement-driven timepiece function, is the same type of movement in one of the rolex replica watches most slim style. As the senior watchmaker works of all movement, exquisite workmanship 430P movement, the watch bridge by the chamfer modification treatment, decorated with Geneva corrugated ornamentation, the board to hand-polished ring ripple decoration and the traditional blue steel screws . Piaget Altiplano cloak enamel sweat BMW wristwatch - white gold section Piaget Altiplano cloak enamel sweat BMW wristwatch - white gold section Cloisonné enamel (cloisonné) technique is swiss replica watches to create gold in the carcass to accommodate enamel on the small compartment, the first step is to gold or silver silhouette off the pattern. Earl's focus is absolutely outstanding quality, so only the use of gold to create the outline of the pattern, the entire pattern is completed, the enamel master will be known as the "gum tragacan" plant glue fixed gold, the glue in the kiln after burning Disappear. So the gold will be formed between a grid of uk replica watches space, you can fill in different colors of glaze, glaze fill and then burn, the kiln burning process can be repeated, the color of each cell gradually deepened to the kiln Burn the last stage, you can polish the enamel layer, the last sintered shiny.