Piaget Piaget watch goldsmith and diamond master

Piaget Piaget watch and jewelry production master In 1957, Piaget Earl launched the first thickness of only 2 mm manual winding mechanical movement 9P, the world's thinnest mechanical movement record, also set off the watch industry's ultra-thin revolution, for the complex function of men's watch And full of design sense of women's watch to open up unlimited possibilities. Piaget count to release endless creativity, and on this basis inlaid with all kinds of hard stone and precious stones, make up the case, dial or bracelet, the delicate watch Into art Zhenpin. Mastering all the production of jewelry and fine jewelry of the top technology, Piaget Piaget assembled gemologists, jewelry master, goldsmith and gemstone mosaic division, combined with rolex replica watches its superb craftsmanship and used in the creation, enjoy breathtaking creativity and imaginative imagination, Will be a gorgeous diamonds inlaid diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emerald wrist watch into the bright jewelry jewelery. Since the 1970s, Piaget Piaget watch has become synonymous with the trend of pioneers and numerous celebrities love the brand, in Jacqueline? Kennedy (Jackie Kennedy) and Elizabeth? Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor) celebrity wrist bloom between the light. Unique original design and craftsmanship of the perfect combination, Piaget Piaget to create a truly outstanding works, popular so far. Throughout the watch industry, only a few well-known brands alone to watch the power of their own watch, the master-class technology alone to complete the design, development and production, to the final modification of each step. Piaget has one of the largest workshops in Geneva, where Piaget's jewel master has inlaid and produced more than 3 million precious gemstones, as one of the few brands with a gemstone department and a jeweler's workshop. Piaget Piaget watch unique style gold bracelet As early as the early 1960s, Piaget Piaget watch on the rich and creative known throughout the senior watch and jewelry industry. In addition to the classic ultra-thin movement and jewelry watches, Piaget Piaget watch also introduced the original gold bracelet, the production of exquisite detail, the design quickly became the watch industry legend. Since then, Piaget count tirelessly research and development of gold bracelet hand-made technology, design a number of unique gold bracelet, a symbol of the brand is highly representative. In order to achieve the development and production of each stage to achieve the top level, Piaget Earl established a special production workshop, in line with the brand to create unique artistic and aesthetic requirements of the magnificent gold bracelet. Piaget count craftsmen always keep creative, aesthetic, temperament and comfort four purposes. To create the new gold bracelet Piaget continue to replica rolex watches develop the production of gold-related components of the tool. The first stage of the development of gold watch chain is to carry out in-depth subtle research, the process by brand engineers alone. The material needed to make the bracelet needs to go through extremely precise mechanical tools to suppress or shape: the first of the gold bars through different mechanical treatment, by multiple grinding, cutting or tapping, molded into a specific shape, and then by the special mold tool to suppress the components required Of the basic shape. A simple shape of the components, with mechanical shaping only 15 minutes, and complex components easily take 45 minutes. The next several steps are done manually, such as cleaning the assembly, trimming, removal of grinding and knocking during the formation of small gold chips and so on. Among them, the modification and polishing is the most sophisticated steps, which is reflected Piaget Piaget the most outstanding and unique, to witness the details of the brand meticulous spirit. In such a small independent small components on the two different final dressing, it is rare in the industry process. Repeated polishing, matte polishing, carving and precious stones inlay and other skills, has become Piaget Piaget goldsmith and precious stones mosaic division in the daily work of the indispensable process. Piaget Piaget watch jewelry chain decorated the ultimate embodiment of superb technology experts Piaget Piaget's watches, with their heritage of tradition and craftsmanship, are superbly designed and unique in style. Decorative bracelet, gold ribbon, mesh weave and other elements for the Piaget Earl Bracelet watch and long necklace watch to add the unique charm, but also witness Piaget Earl Gold watch expert status. Adhering to the tabulation process of uk replica watches continuous study, Piaget count will be on the verge of loss of weaving techniques and mesh technology used in a large number of bracelet modeling, to reproduce the world, by watchmakers from generation to generation. Piaget Piaget incumbent head of the workshop from 40 years of work for the father of the father who inherited the love of watches and jewelry technology, and actively produce jewelry chain of skills to pass to the next generation. In the era of standardization of luxury products, many brands have already outsourced the production of handicrafts, and Piaget count uphold the enthusiasm of the opponents of the process adhere to independent all the production steps to become a unique brand of watches and jewelry, watch industry is now a small number of their own Workshops and specialized production of handmade bracelet watch factory. Mesh bracelet, the heritage of the United States Mesh bracelet watch, inspired by the 1970 classic Piaget watches. Piaget part of the watch highlight Piaget Earl Workshop very historic professional accomplishments: gold silk thread all woven by hand into a network, such as advanced set uniform as compact. In order to achieve this effect, Piaget Piaget craftsmen first gold thread winding called "stud" oval buckle, and then twisted into the desired shape, carefully set into the fine needle. A mesh bracelet, need to go through more than 600 welding process before completion. In the jewelry chain craftsmen of a pair of skilled, bracelet smooth smooth, exquisite beauty in the wrist. Traditional watch series, elegant fine aesthetics Piaget Piaget traditional watch is an antique watch lovers of the necessary treasures. Piaget Piaget in 1962 launched the traditional watch series, the perfect show the essence of the 1960s design, simple retro fashion can be seen, with the traditional gold bracelet, a brand immortal classic. Piaget Piaget watch the traditional watch is the oldest watch one of the styles, 60 years ago in the original design only a small amount of changes. Elegant ultra-thin case with the characteristics of the brand's gold bracelet echo each other over the years Piaget has been the best-selling for the count. Piaget Piaget chain watch chain perfect expression of the top jewelry craftsmen crafts chain, the first ring to shape the machine to "8" shape, then all the Piaget Pieces craftsmen handmade to complete: the hand-woven gold thread and buckle Ring welding, cutting ring side, arranged in a particular way on the pin, and then were with each buckle welding, the consolidation of the chain structure, and finally adjust the location of fine. A traditional watch chain need more than 300 components combined, exquisite workmanship in the artisans to show the ultimate smooth texture. Piaget Piaget traditional watch bracelet seamlessly joined with the case, and with the claw diamond bezel and silver dial perfect match, equipped with mechanical movement, watch more ten kinds of men and women for different designs, called jewelry Chain craftsmen of the professional skills met watch altar classic, the achievements of high-level watch model. Extraordinary watch chain, mesh technology and the perfect combination of mosaic art The fine mesh technology and mosaic technology combined, Piaget to create an extraordinary watch chain. And all of these art from all Pieces of high-level watches and clocks factory. To achieve a smooth and smooth texture, so that the wrist curvature of the bracelet is more fit, a number of meticulous exquisite mesh decorative pattern came into being. The use of precious stones will make the design process more difficult. So Piaget Piaget jewelry design master in the creative process to carefully find the most suiwatch combination of methods to ensure that the watch chain smooth arc, so that the network decorative patterns and buckle design at one go. Piaget Piaget is one of the few still grasp the "Paris net decoration process (Parisian mesh)" brand, and this process is also known as "Haute Couture mesh (Haute Couture mesh). This high-level jewelry production technology is designed to make the bracelet fully match the curvature of the wrist, reducing the gap between the stones. Artisans to a gold thread woven into a variety of material bracelet, ordinary style takes at least 400 hours, some models even need up to 1,000 hours of weaving. Piaget Piaget also used today only a few watchmakers can master the jewelry craft, such as in the hinged place with net ornaments, to a number of small round tube and buckle in series, or with a mesh pattern around the gem claw or inlay (Chatons). Piaget Piaget watch gold bracelet are equipped with one-piece buckle, built-in slingshot and security system, for the icing on the cake chain. The art of gem setting High-level jewelry for a unique watch to add dazzling brilliance, gem mosaic process is one. Precious stones mosaic is an extraordinary watch every Pierre creation of the most exciting step, until all the mosaic is completed, the watch before entering the final assembly and polishing process. Piaget count for many years has been well versed in gem mosaic secret where the brand design of multiple pieces of high-level jewelry womens wrist watch are displayed in multiple mosaic technology. Whether in grain setting, invisible setting, snow-setting, claw setting or closed setting, all inlays are made by Piaget Designers, jewelers and gemmographers work together to design, from the beginning of the draft plan to implement the design, has been working closely, and strive to use the most appropriate mosaic, light watch design. In the grain mosaic, the mosaic craftsmen will be hollowed out the base between the location of the gemstone inserts, gold base after drilling holes can better reflect the bright light. The artisan will then polish the inserts (rounded edges), including opening the collar position so that the light can be transmitted therethrough. After the inlay is ready, the stone inlay process begins, the craftsman first with gluing tools (beeswax) will be precisely arranged in the proper position of the gem, and then to cut the jewel between the small pieces of gold to form two or four Small gold particles, and then push the gem, and then rounded into gold beads, distributed silky gloss. Snowflake shop is a traditional diamond inlay technology, will be randomly arranged in different sizes of diamonds, and then close together. As the surface is only exposed a small amount of gold surface, showing the effect is like a seamless diamond shop on the base in general. In the use of snow paved jewelry, the diamond arrangement is no different, and therefore all unique design. Whether circular, olive or pear-shaped cut, the shape of precious stones can be set by claw or ring mosaic highlights. Each jaw has two to four round, triangular or square small nails (ie jewel term "claws") to grasp the diamond crown. This traditional mosaic technology allows light to penetrate diamonds, reflective reflection light. Earl Piaget not only skillfully inherited the skills, but also on this basis, add only a few brands can master the skills: the inlay claw design into an inverted pyramid, so that the golden claws gradually disappeared, so that the central diamond like a suspended air, the more Was bright. Watch from the dial to the case design and harmonious unity, the perfect gold thread hidden in the watch. Closed mosaic is the most ancient gem mosaic technology, with a gold ring around the outer edge of the gem. This technology is most suiwatch for use in the paved rectangular cut diamonds above the dial on the case around the edge of the case, or mold in the form of decorative stones on the bracelet-shaped decorative seat. Closed-mounted mosaic technology is a closed one, close to each other in the diamond, without any intermediate gold barrier. This inlay method requires the first carved in the diamond carved two slots in order to slide into the base of the gold guide rail, can not reveal traces to seize the diamond. The secret of inlaid mosaic technology is carefully selected gem size, only the size of the stones coincide in order to create a closely linked effect. Advanced jewelry for complex function watches Piaget count like an experienced alchemist, combined with the most excellent gem and ultra-thin movement, condensed into a watch of the best. Piaget jewelry watch reflects Piaget years of exquisite craftsmanship, while showing the brand's senior jewelry and senior watch long.